Saturday, July 9, 2011

A webcam for your baby?

I know the title sounds bad but here me out first.  But let me back track a bit.  For someone who works in the technology field I find myself a bit behind at times. For instance I don't have an iPad or any other tablet/ebook reader. Would I like to have one?  Yes I would.  But do I have the money to just run out and get one on a whim?  Nope (wouldn't it be nice if we all could?).  And until recently I've avoided the webcam stuff.

Now I am webcam enabled...or should I say BB is?  It was lightly "suggested" by my dad, BB's grandfather, as a way for them to see him when they can't make it down (basically 9 months of the year). So I relented and got myself a Skype account and ordered a web cam.  After a few blue screens of death (Logitech webcams and Western Digital Smartwise don't like to play) I got it installed.  And I made my first call to none other than my dad and mom...with BB in hand.  I got to's awesome!  Clarity is pretty good.  We got an issue or two to work out with audio, but overall it works pretty good.  Really good as a matter of fact.  I can get 720p resolution which is just about as good as it can get without being right there.

Well BB has awoken from his slumber and needs a bit of attention!

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