Sunday, July 10, 2011

Babies don't come with owners manuals!

This is pretty obvious, however you don't realize it until you have a crying baby on your hands and you just can't figure out why he's crying.  You start going down the list.

Has he eaten?  Yeah he only ate 1.5 hours ago.

Does he have a messy diaper. Sort of, so change the diaper.  That calms him for a few minutes and then he's back to screaming.

Okay now to see if we can soothe him by walking around and doing the baby bounce.  Nope that's not working either.

Maybe he does need to eat.  Lets see. We stick a pinkie in his mouth and he takes after it like a Piranha.

Okay he's hungry but the milks in the fridge and needs to be heated up.

Finally we are able to get him the bottle and he drinks it down like he's never been fed and afterwards he calms down.

I wouldn't trade it for the world because I know I'll look back on this and know it was all for good, however I wish he would have came out with an owners manual titled "What to do for me when I'm crabby dad!".

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