Monday, June 20, 2011

The Zoo!

The grandparents are still here and my little brother (although he's bigger than me now!) arrived on Saturday.  We now have three dogs in the house.  On dog who is senile and bumps into everything and has a hard time holding his movements until he gets outside and one dog who is an uber bitch (pardon the language!).  Jasper, our dog, would just like to play with someone but no one wants to play so he's a bit disappointed, but he's been a trooper through it all.  The cats could really care less as long as they get fed and fed on time.  Even this morning one of them buffaloed my dad into feeding him, so he got fed twice!  Yes out cats love to eat.

With having three extra people in the house, it sometimes feels like a zoo.  We go through coffee at an almost alarming rate (we are using our backup coffee maker because we'd be in the poor house if we were using the 1 cup maker!).  Our fridge is probably wondering when these other people will leave because it's packed to the brim with food and various other items.  And the counters can get quite messy at times. And to think that there is a family that has 19 kids and counting.  I can't imagine what it would be like!

Despite all of this I love having family here with us. This year, I got to be with both my dad and mom for the fathers and mothers day holiday.   M and I have always lived apart from family so it's a special treat when family does come to visit.  There are times when both of us think it would be great to live closer to family, but then there are times when we'd rather not.  With Baby Boy here, I think both of us would like some sort of closer family, but for the moment things are not to be.

The family will be taking off bright and early tomorrow morning and I will be off to work (been working since last Thursday).  M and BB will be home by themselves once again.  If the weather turns nice I'd take a guess that M will take BB down to the park for a walk.  And we will be back to normal...or whatever normal is now days!

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