Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SwaddleMe Baby to the rescue

I originally wanted to title this post "Baby Straight Jacket to the Rescue" but figured that some people might not share my sense of humor and as a worse case scenario I might have the local police knocking on my door!

My mother told me that a few of my cousins who have recently had children recommended SwaddleMe Baby.  We didn't think much of it.  We would swaddle baby boy (BB) in a receiving blanket and be on with it.  He really liked it.

However the other night he was just throwing a fit with his arms flailing about and a receiving blanket wasn't doing it.  Apparently the arm flailing scares them.  So M went and busted out one of the packages of SwaddleMe's we had and we put him in one.  Literally when it's done it looks like he's in a straight jacket.

To date it has been one of the better nights of sleep I've got.  However last night was a bit challenging.  BB was still in his SwaddleMe, but he managed to get his arms out.  I think this is because the SwaddleMe stuff we are using is for larger babies and he's still less than 5 lbs.  If we had the premie version I think he'd be fine.

Any how I give these things 5 out of 5 stars!  But if money is an issue I'm sure swaddling in a receiving blanket can do just as good.

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