Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Every newborn should have a police escort on their way home!

On Monday we took our baby boy home.  As I've mentioned before it's a 45 mile trip, one way, to where he was at.  At normal speeds it takes about 30 minutes to get there (or back!). 

So on Monday we drove down with our car seat, just in-case he'd fit, he didn't, and met with the car seat guy for instruction on the one we'd be borrowing.  We spent about an hour learning all of the ins and outs of a car seat and proper installation. Finally the car seat was installed and we had to go and get baby boy.  He'd been moved due to staffing issues, but we found him and we gave him a meal before our venture home. 

I'd read in baby books, leading up to this, that as a guy our driving habits would change as we'd now be responsible for another human being.  We'd be less aggresive as a driver and just more careful as we motored about. I saw none of that leading up to this.  When someone would turn down the wrong way in the parking lot I just parked the car right in the middle hoping that they'd realize that "oh I'm going the wrong way".  But no...we are stupid humans sometimes. 

However when we put baby boy in the car it was different.  It was as if a switch was flipped.  Well maybe not that bad, but turning on a red light now required more thought.  The interstate wasn't quite as bad, but we were surrounded by 18 wheelers who at times are not the best of drivers.  Add the wind, that a couple of weeks ago tipped over a manufactured home in transit, and I was a changed driver.  And I get to do it all over again today!  Possibly even in rush hour traffic.  I know it's something I've got to get used to but I think a police escort for the first year would best for everyone involved!

Anyone else have any stories of bringing your baby home?

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