Monday, May 16, 2011

And then he came home!

This weekend we received some great news.  Our baby boy is coming home with us today!  We hadn't really expected this for at least another week.  However on Saturday when we visited him the nurse kind of hinted that he might be ready to go home on Monday or Tuesday.  As we were driving down yesterday M received a call from the doctor and he said that he'd be good to go home on Monday.  So today I work half a day and then I'm off for the rest of the week as we begin to get into a routine with our new family member.

There's been a ton of information thrown at us over the last few days preparing for this.  I hope that I'm able to remember everything.  We've done a quick infant CPR class, we've got a infant/premie car seat thing today and more information to go over!  Luckily the hospital we are at is great and they will be sending us home with a few trees worth of papers that we can refer to.

I'm sure I'll have some more posts coming as we make this adjustment but here are a few things we are dealing with.

  • Unless our boy gained 2 ounces last night, we are bringing home a baby that is less than 4 lbs (and only 37 weeks old). 
  • He's still got his umbilical "stump" (not sure what they call that!) attached (We've been advised DO NOT pull it off even if it's loose)!
  • Two cats and a dog that are going to feel put out of place and probably further down on the totem pole (no biggie for the cats, but for the dog it will be an issue)
  • Lastly a mom and dad who have become very used to their sleep schedule. We are now going to be getting up on a feeding schedule of 8, 11, 2 and 5 and repeat for a total of 8 feedings. 
  • Oh and did I mention that M has a few doctors appointments this week which means daddy will be left alone with baby boy for a few hours.  I know I can handle it, but the thought right now is a bit overwhelming!
So ready or not here we go!

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