Monday, April 18, 2011

What about a name

Ever since we knew we were having a boy we did what probably a lot of people do now days and went online looking for a name. We gathered a few and whittled them down over a little bit of time and now we have a note sitting on our fridge that we see whenever we get into the fridge. However we are still trying to figure out what we are going to name our little boy when he comes into this world.

We've got 2 cats and a dog that we've named and haven't had this much trouble coming up with a name before. So why is it that this is taking us so long? For me it's a couple of different things. When I'm thinking of a name I try and say it together with our last name to see if it sounds weird or odd in anyway. As much as I'd like to say our society is above making fun of a child due to their name, they aren't. It's sad honestly. More importantly this is the name he is going to be known by for all time. I suppose there's the chance that when he's 18 he could go and change it, but this will be the name is mom and dad have given him.  One that we haven't considered as much is a family name.  I'm not sure why but neither of us have thought much about passing along a family name.  Perhaps it might be something we do as a middle name, but as a first name we haven't considered it much.

So we continue to look and search for names and try and find the perfect one. I'm not sure we'll find the perfect name, but I'm confident we will find one that we will like and that he will be called by. Now if we can just figure this out before he's born!

Have you had a problem coming up with a name for your child and how did you finally decide on the right name?

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