Friday, April 22, 2011

Fast Friday

My brains a little muddled right now so I don't anticipate this being a long post or really on topic.

We had another appointment yesterday with the doctors (I should say that my wife did).  They have ruled out preeclampsia which we are both really happy.  However her blood pressure is still a bit high and they want us to measure it at home.  She told them yesterday that she gets really nervous going to the doctors office because the last few times all we've received is bad news. So she is taking her blood pressure at home a few times a day to see if it's any less.

And from what M told me if we make it to 37 weeks we are doing really well.  So I'm really hoping and praying that we are able to make it to 37 weeks so our little guy doesn't have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks (if he comes before 37 weeks it sounds like he'll have to stay there because he has not developed the suckling reflex. That is apparently developed at 36 weeks).  Given that he might come early we will both be packing bags  this weekend that we will take to the hospital.  I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to take, but I've been told I'm in charge of laptop and the video camera.  I'm pretty sure I can handle that.  Clothes and other such stuff I'm not sure, so if any of you have any advice on what else I should be bringing let me know!

That's about all I got right now.  I've got a few topics bouncing about in my head and I hope to get them written up this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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