Friday, April 15, 2011

Dealing with Discouragement

We were both really pumped to go to our doctors appointment yesterday and see our baby and find out how he has been growing. However we left feeling discouraged, but knowing that we had to be optimistic and strong for each other.   

We had our first ultrasound at 20 weeks or 21 weeks.  After that they told us there were some things wrong.  Not bad or anything, but just somethings we should keep an eye on.  The first one was the umbilical cord, which is how the baby is fed and such, only had 2 vessels instead of the normal 3.  Secondly the insertion was a bit odd as well.  So hello ultrasounds every 4 weeks and thank you good health insurance (we are still paying some out of pocket for it...just so you know).

The last ultrasound at 28 weeks was an adventure because the interstate from where we live to where we go for our appointments was closed (due to wind!). So we had to take the back roads which we had never been on. In retrospect it was a good thing because what if they are closed when our baby is coming??

However I'm digressing.  Yesterday's ultrasound started off well enough.  Baby is no longer sitting transverse, he's head down and ready to go.  He was even kind enough to do some posing for us and we got some pictures.  The ultrasound tech told us that he was about two weeks behind on his growth and weighed in at about 3.3 pounds (last ultrasound he was 1 week behind).  I did notice this time that the tech was doing some other tests and my wife asked what she was doing.  She said that she was measuring the blood flow.  Didn't think anything of it.

From the ultrasound room we migrated to the midwives area where they take my wifes weight, blood pressure and all that wonderful stuff.  The midwife came in and as nice as they are, she didn't mince words this time.  She basically told us that my wife had to stop working and go to modified bed rest because the baby wasn't growing as he should be.  Further more they thought it was in our best interests to move from seeing the midwives to seeing the doctors just in case there were more complications.  And make two trips a week for 1 ultrasound and another test.

So both of us are trying to be as strong as we can right now and get through this.  My wife is headed in to work this morning to let them know the news and talk to HR as we have her health insurance.  I'm also headed to work to let a few people know what's going on so that if things do get more complicated they won't be caught of guard.  But more than anything I'm trying to be strong for my wife and baby and be there for everything she needs.

Have you had to deal with discouraging news in a pregnancy and how did you deal with it?

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